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Do you want to program yourself for success, well-being, health, and happiness? Do you want to reach your goals and gain inner harmony?


What are affirmations?

An affirmation is a brief positive statement designed to form a new, productive thinking style. Using affirmations, it became possible for people to influence absolutely any aspect of their lives: health, career, love, success, etc. This happens primarily because affirmations can change human consciousness.

When creating an affirmation, the key point is its positive character; that is, it is built without denials and negative overtones. You probably all agree that the phrase "I feel great, my body is full of health" is much more optimistic and eloquent than "I don't feel any pain". It is also interesting that the focus of the thought remains on itself.

How do affirmations work?

  1. Everyone has attitudes about many things. However, negative attitudes produce a toxic effect on our psyche.
  2. During regular practice, these negative attitudes are replaced with positive ones, and we truly begin to accept them.
  3. As a result, it fills our energy needs, and we are ready to change our lives for the better.
  4. Changes become noticeable in behavior, thinking, and mood.

Meditations and affirmations positively impact personal attitudes, perceptions of reality, behavior, and quality of life.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a mindfulness exercise that calms the mind and reduces stress levels.

The essence of the practice is to relax as much as possible and clear the mind of disturbing thoughts. In addition, it helps to boost concentration on a simple action, such as breathing or observing the world around you.

Numerous scientific studies confirm the benefits of meditation.

What are the benefits of regular meditation practices?

  1. Physical relaxation. The body is relaxed, breathing is normalized, and thoughts come to order.
  2. Acceptance of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Meditation teaches you to react to surroundings without assessing. At the same time, the emotional state remains normal.
  3. Achieving inner peace and acceptance of yourself. Practices immerse you in your inner world and help you listen to yourself.
  4. Getting rid of negative attitudes. Internal clamps, fears, and mental limitations are gone.
  5. Changes of behavior. During the practice, you transform your world outlook and get psychologically stable.
  6. Raising awareness. Your empathy and intuition are getting more developed. Your spiritual growth is noticeable.

«Mental Mentor» is a set of reliable and clear solutions for realizing your plans.

About us

The «Mental Mentor» app is a modern tool for all those who strive for self-development. Whether you have practiced affirmations or meditations before or have just decided to try it, you can find all the necessary information here. You will find hundreds of the most powerful positive affirmations, and many of our platform's best meditations. With their help, you will effectively and quickly achieve the desired results.

The variety of practices gathered in one place, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allows you to avoid wasting your time and efforts, and immediately start to solve your problems.

How the application works


Answer several questions about yourself.


Choose the area of life that you would like to improve.


Get a set of personalized affirmations focusing on your goals and desires.


Repeat affirmations out loud using a verbal session every day. Or use a tactile session to practice mentally.


Practice regularly, combining meditations with affirmations, and succeed in your chosen areas.


Why users choose us

Tactile and verbal sessions
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Feedback from our users

Mental Mentor's affirmations help me calm down and feel more confident and energetic. It's nice that I can work with the app in tactile and verbal modes, which is very convenient, especially when you can't talk. It motivates you to practice no matter where you are!


I really like that I can select affirmations according to my current requests from so many areas! And I'm thrilled with the affirmations for love and gratitude. I feel happier and kinder after each short practice. I'm satisfied with everything, and I haven't given up on the purchase. This application is a real piggy bank of benefits for all occasions!


Affirmations provide emotional support for me. I am happy that there is such an app with positive affirmations for the basic areas of life. Recently I was applying for a new job, and before the interview, I psychologically prepared myself. I recited affirmations for success, career, and wisdom. I realized that it is important to hear those words, even if we pronounce them ourselves. Thank you!


Negative thoughts and emotions tormented me for a very long time. I was constantly upset about something, irritated with my friends, and became estranged from my family. This dissatisfaction made me not the most pleasant fellow. Finally, my psychologist advised me to recite affirmations. In the beginning, I did not believe that simple positive phrases could help me, but I decided to experiment. I didn't want to make up affirmations myself, so I found a wonderful application called Mental Mentor. I start every morning with affirmations for success, health, family, and gratitude. After regular practice, it has become much easier to start the day, communicate with people, and achieve my goals. I will definitely continue!


I work as a psychotherapist and constantly use affirmations in my work practice. I highly recommend them to all my clients. I am glad that there is such an app! In my opinion, it is handy and very competently structured. There are several types of practice sessions: in one session, you can pronounce affirmations aloud, and in another one, you can feel them through your fingertips. Affirmations are also anchored in our subconscious through bodily signals. The developers have taken into account a lot of behavioral points and have taken care of an abundance of themes and queries.


I struggle with mood swings and negative emotions every day, so short affirmation practices are very helpful. They help me calm me down, stay positive, and trust those around me. It is very convenient that you can set the number of repetitions: 6, 12, or 18. I use the shortest session when I am late for work and don't have time, and I use the longest session on weekends. My favorite affirmations are for protection, forgiveness, and health. They have already helped me accept myself, my inner world and body, forgive my loved ones, and take care of my health.